How to export after Brexit

Watch the masterclass here

Nikki Ashwell, Business Development Manager of family logistics business InXpress Bolton, outlines what Brexit means for exporting, the changes it’s caused and what will happen post-July with the new changes to come in.

Nikki Ashwell is a logistics consultant with over 11 years of experience working with InXpress Bolton – a family business who have 20 years of expertise in delivery & logistics.

InXPress ship anything from a parcel or pallet to 40ft HC containers. They ship domestically, export and import, to and from anywhere in the world.

They also have good knowledge of customs and procedures that affect people, particularly post Brexit.

In this masterclass, Nikki covers how Brexit is affecting UK businesses when trying to export and which new changes will be coming in July this year.


  • What an EX1 is
  • What is a T1
  • What charges should we expect to pay
  • What is a commercial invoice and what should it include
  • What is preferential origin and why is it important Ireland and the differences

Download the slides to Nikki's masterclass here: