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Getting Started With Facebook Ads

With Julia Bramble, Bramblebuzz

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Make it British Masterclass - Julia Bramble

About this Masterclass

Julia covers how to get started with Facebook ads using the simplest tools that Facebook gives us.

In this masterclass, Julia covers:

  • Why use Facebook ads?
  • A common mistake to avoid – and what to do instead
  • What the different ‘on-page’ options are
  • How to choose which option to use
  • A walk-through of setting up an ad
  • What should your ad say? – creating content for effective ads

About Julia Bramble and Bramblebuzz

Julia is an international strategist, speaker and trainer for small businesses, her work centres on the human behind the brand.

Her experience as a Business Growth Advisor for a national business membership organisation, working closely with businesses from all sectors, is invaluable in her work today.

Bramble Buzz is a social media marketing agency that has helped hundreds of clients to solve their marketing issues and implement effective social media strategies to boost sales and brand promotion.

Combining her experience in forensic science, Julia works with her clients to get clear on their goals, their messaging, the best networks for them and how to turn social media buzz into results for their business.

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