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David Nieper

David Nieper


David Nieper is a British fashion house designing and manufacturing luxury women’s clothing, knitwear and nightwear in Derbyshire for more than 50 years.

We are passionate about growing local skills and actively support sustainable manufacturing in the UK. From the design table to hand-finishing, every part of the manufacturing process of our own label garments takes place at our studio and workrooms in Alfreton. Our timeless classic collections combine the best of British design with top quality workmanship and attention to detail to ensure timeless International appeal.

An example of David Nieper’s commitment to Britain is our new knitwear division. As our original UK knitwear suppliers closed or outsourced production overseas, David Nieper made the decision to support the tradition of knitwear production in England and invest in local traditional skills, by installing our own knitwear machinery and recruiting staff trained in the highly skilled methods of hand-linking each piece of a knitted garment together. Today all David Nieper’s Merino, lambswool, cotton and cashmere knitwear is now designed and manufactured in Derbyshire.

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All of David Nieper’s own label womenswear, nightwear, knitwear and lingerie is Made in England, at their workrooms in Alfreton, Derbyshire.


David Nieper sources the finest fabrics, including pure cottons and embroidered lace from small, independent mills in Britain, France, Austria, Switzerland or Germany where they can be sure of the finest quality. The satin used in their luxury nightwear and some clothing is Italian. For their knitwear, David Nieper uses the best quality New Zealand merino yarns spun in Italy and finest lambswool spun by a centuries-old mill in Yorkshire.


David Nieper
Saulgrove House, Orange Street, Nottingham Road
DE55 7LE
United Kingdom