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Firehorse is a luxury fashion accessories brand championing the best of British design and craftsmanship. Its debut collection of limited edition silk scarves is designed and hand-made in England.

Firehorse scarves showcase the talent of up and coming designers, each of whom have been chosen for their fresh approach to textile design and high level of originality. The brand is all about creative excellence and collaboration. Discovering and working with the brilliant artists, designers, photographers and makers who together make up the creative team for each Firehorse collection. The result is a collection that is diverse, sophisticated and universal, whilst also managing to be modern yet timeless.

The brand offers an authentically luxurious product made of the finest silk satin, a fabric which has been treasured for centuries for its delicate sheen and sensuous draping quality. Firehorse scarves are hand-made in Macclesfield which has a silk heritage spanning four centuries. Local limestone infused waters are used to gently wash the silk, enhancing its beautiful lustre. Limited edition designs are then printed onto the fabric before careful finishing by a team of artisans. The edges are softly rolled and finally hundreds of fine stiches are applied by hand. Finishing the scarves this way is true work of art with the luxurious roll providing the scarves with subtle, elegant structure and drape.

The company treats each individual Firehorse scarf as a work of art, working closely with its designers and full creative team to ensure each product is perfect for both today and the future. Regarded both as a modern day accessory and a family heirloom to be passed lovingly from generation to generation, Firehorse scarves are truly exquisite investment pieces.

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Firehorse products are all proudly designed, made and hand-finished in the UK.


Our finest grade silk is printed in Britain and hand-finished by a team of specialist British artisans. We also source our packaging and presentation materials in the UK, including fabric labels, merchandising tags and gift boxes.