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United Overalls

United Overalls


United Overalls are a new brand based in London, using Selvedge Denim woven in Lancashire and constructing every pair in North London.

The UK used to be the centre of the world for manufacturing. We want to show the world that the UK can make the best jeans by working with the only Denim Mill in England and the best jeans manufacturer in the UK.

For the past two years we have been striving to make the highest quality denim jeans using English Woven Selvedge Denim and constructed in North London.

Founder and Owner of United Overalls, Tom Burke was inspired by his time working in Denim stores across London to start his own brand. Drawing influences from early 20th Century designs he wanted to make a pair of jeans that could live up to the standards of the Japanese Masters while also being functional for life in London.

What we aim to achieve:

- Create jeans made 100% in the UK.

- Craft those jeans in an environmentally conscious way by using no water treatments an no plastics in the finished product.

- Make sure that at every stage possible the jeans are manufactured in an ethical way.

- Cut zero corners to produce the best quality jeans we can.

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Every pair of United Overalls Jeans are constructed in North London.


United Overalls use selvedge denim woven in Lancashire.

United Overalls
United Kingdom

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