Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

In these short episodes I answer some of the most common questions that I get asked about starting a brand or working with UK manufacturers.

Wheres the best place to source fabrics

FAQ: Where’s The Best Place To Source Fabrics?

How to find fabrics, leathers and other raw materials for your brand, and avoid the most common mistake that many people make when sourcing fabric. FURTHER RESOURCES UK Fabric Mills on the Make it British website HANDY LINKS British Brand […]

How many factories should i sample with?

FAQ: How Many Factories Should I Sample WIth?

Sampling with UK manufacturers can be quite a different ball game to sampling with manufacturers overseas. Here’s why you might not want to sample with lots of different factories. FURTHER RESOURCES Quiz: Are you ready to work with a UK

should i get my manufacturer to sign an nda

FAQ: Should I Get My Manufacturer To Sign An NDA?

A Non Disclosure Agreement is a legal document you might ask a manufacturer to sign in order to protect your designs. Find out what the pros and cons are of asking a manufacturer to sign an NDA, and what the

how do i approach a manufacturer

FAQ: How Do I Approach A Manufacturer?

What are the secrets to getting a response from a manufacturer when you reach out to them? I explain how to word your approach and why you might not be getting a response. FURTHER RESOURCES How to get manufacturers to

how much does it cost to start a brand

FAQ: How Much Does It Cost To Start A Brand?

What are the main costs that you will incur to start a brand, and how can you save money by making your product in the UK? FURTHER RESOURCES 25 Hidden Costs of Starting a Brand How Much Does it Cost

how do i find the right manufacturer for my brand?

FAQ: How Do I Find The Right Manufacturer For My Brand?

Discover the best ways to the ideal UK manufacturers for your brand, and how to ensure that they get back to you every time. FURTHER RESOURCES Make it British Manufacturer Directory 5 Steps to Finding a UK Manufacturer How to

can a manufacturer source my fabric for me

FAQ: Can A Manufacturer Source My Fabric For Me?

You might think that having the factory source your fabric for you sounds like the easiest option, but that’s not always the case. In this episode I explain what your options are when it comes to fabric sourcing, and why

how long does it take to launch a brand

FAQ: How long does it take to launch a brand?

Find out how long on average it might take to launch a brand and what the main variables are that will affect it. FURTHER RESOURCES 5 Steps to Finding a UK Manufacturer How to Start a UK Made Brand HANDY

how do i go from idea to prototype

FAQ: How Do I Go From Idea To Prototype?

Discover the essential steps to turn your idea into a successful prototype. Get practical advice on how to bring your concept to life efficiently and cost-effectively and how to common pitfalls. FURTHER RESOURCES 5 Steps to Finding a UK Manufacturer