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Laura Ward Exeat

268 – From Start-Up to Export Champion with Laura Ward from Exeat

In this episode, I am joined by Laura Ward, founder of the luxury British tennis brand Exeat.

Exeat is the UK’s most exported luxury tennis apparel brand, and Laura herself is the winner of many awards, including Global Startup of the Year. She’s also one of the government’s UK export champions, and the brand has been feature in Vogue, Forbes, The Financial Times, and Vanity Fair.

In this episode, she’s going to give you tips on how to export your brand globally and how she’s managed to get such amazing press in such a short space of time.

258 - How Do You Define an ‘Ethical Factory’ Make it British Podcast with Kate Hills

258 – How Do You Define an ‘Ethical Factory’?

We get a lot of people contacting us at Make it British asking if we can put them in touch with a sustainable or ethical factory to make their brand. So in this episode I define ways in which a factory might meet this criteria.

I also talk about the launch of Primark’s new circular denim collection, which has had mixed reviews in the media, with many thinking it is greenwashing and an insult to small brands that are genuinely doing the right thing.