Innovation in the British fashion & textiles industry?

Call for more fashion & textiles companies to stand up and be counted in nationwide search for innovation

London Cloth
Photo: London Cloth

A while back I was invited to the launch of the Government’s Make it in Great Britain campaign and at the time I felt that the fashion and textiles sector was under-represented in their plans to raise awareness of British manufacturing.

Just from my own research over the last few years, as well as all of the hundreds of designers, brands and manufacturers that have contacted me since I launched this website, I know that we still make a hell of a lot of fantastic garments, textiles and leathergoods in this country.

Now, as part of the Government’s campaign, they have announced the Make it in Great Britain Challenge  – a competition open to manufacturers, designers and businesses of all sizes, to find the most innovative British pre-market products and concepts.

It would be great to see British fashion and textiles represented in the winning entries. So if you think you have something that should be considered please stand up and be counted!

Please note this website, Make it British, is independent and separate to the latterly named government campaign Make it in Great Britain, so please don’t submit your entries to this website.

To put yourself forward for the challenge please go to their website here.