Why all designer start-ups should have the know-how to make a garment, with Jenni Sutton of Fashion Enter

Jenni Sutton discusses the importance of technical knowledge and production skills to designers and start-up fashion brands.

Fashion Enter is a large, ethical factory in North London, with a mission to support designers and train the next generation of fashion professionals. They manufacture for many brands, including ASOS, but, alongside production they offer training, apprenticeships, and mentoring.

Jenni Sutton is Development Director at Fashion Enter and right-hand woman of the founder, Jenny Holloway. Jenni has a wealth of industry knowledge from design to manufacturing.  She stepped in to talk to us about the work of Fashion Enter, their mission, and how they are helping new designers and start up brands.

Watch the interview to hear Jenni discuss…

> The benefits of technical knowledge to designers and start-up brands

> How they integrate education in the manufacturing industry

> Manufacturing as a creative and fulfilling career

> Women in the industry

> The importance of looking after your workforce

Find out more about Fashion Enter here.

This interview was recorded as part of The Make it British Show, a weekly Facebook live session broadcast every Thursday at 1pm on our Make it British Facebook page. 

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