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Make it British is THE source of information on British-made brands and UK manufacturing. We are passionate about British craftsmanship and want to help YOU find products made in Britain.

At Make it British we believe that a product’s provenance is of the utmost importance. By buying authentic British goods, manufactured by skilled craftsman using the finest materials, you are helping to keep these skills alive in the UK. If you don’t support those makers in Britain that still have these precious skills, you will lose them forever. Since its launch at the beginning of 2011, Make it British has become the go-to site on the web for news, reports and interviews about British-made products.

If it’s made in Britain, we like to write about it!

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Make it British is an independent company founded and run by Kate Hills. Find out more about Kate here or connect with her on Linked In.

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Make it British is not affiliated with an organisation known as the Made in Britain Campaign, or any other websites or companies promoting British made goods and manufacturers, and whose integrity we cannot vouch for. Read this article on our website to find out more.

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