UK Lanyard Makers help us to keep every last detail made in Britain

At our Meet the Manufacturer event in June, we wanted to keep everything made in Britain where possible. With tight deadlines and so much to get done, UK Lanyard Makers came to the rescue!

Some of our lovely staff pouring the complimentary Pimms
Some of our lovely staff pouring the Pimms wearing their Lanyards

Back in early June we held our second Meet the Manufacturer event, with great success. The purpose of the event is to bring together the best UK manufacturers in one place where they can be seen by the best of the UK’s buyers, designers and brands. This, along with the high profile conference line up, is making our event something quite special, and it is important to us that we support UK manufacturers too in every aspect of our event. For this reason the team spend a lot of time in the run up to the event finding the right suppliers to make this event not only successful, but true to our message. 

As anyone who has ever been involved in a large event will tell you, it is hard work and with many factors to consider it is really important to find suppliers who are reliable, deliver when they say they will, provide quality goods (after all they are representing your brand) and most importantly (to us) manufacture in the UK.

When we started looking for someone to provide our lanyards we found the internet bursting with such companies, all importing from Asia. Often they offer competitive rates and make claims of a fast turnaround but this was not what we were looking for. We came across UK Lanyard Makers Ltd, a small business based close to us in Surrey and hoped they would be the answer. From our first conversation with owner Phil, and our continued experience dealing with his team, we have been delighted with the quality of the lanyards that he makes in the UK. They also fulfilled their promises on delivery and time frames and were so keen to help support the event, as they too are very passionate about UK manufacturing.

Conference attendees listen closely, sporting their Lanyards

Considering our event takes place in June and sourcing items such as lanyards starts several months prior, it was very early days for UK Lanyard Makers, who began trading in January 2015. The business was stared by old friends Phil Hardy and Kevin Kingham, who with their combined experience and that of their respective wives, Caroline and Jennifer, look set to make this UK manufacturing venture a great success, with more ideas in the pipeline.

Cutting the ribbon to length
Cutting the ribbon to length – Our lanyards being made!

Although Phil has an extensive background in lanyards he had waited a long time to launch a UK made lanyard business, previously finding that the market was not ready. Phil says “as people are becoming more conscious about where products are made, it felt like the right time to bring lanyard making to the UK. At present there are some components which we have to import as there is no British-made equivalent currently available but we hope this will change soon. As it stands we choose to import these components by sea, rather than air, to minimise the negative effect on the environment”.

Creative Skillset Stand
Creative Skillset Stand wearing their lanyards

Phil and Kevin have found that there is a big enough market for their locally-made lanyards due to their exceedingly speedy turnaround, and we were certainly very pleased with the lanyards that they made for our event. Already finalists of the British Promotional Merchandise Association Newcomer awards it looks as though it wont be long until word gets out about their British-made lanyards. We had better get our order for our 2016 event in quick!

UK Lanyard Makers LTD can be found here.

2 thoughts on “UK Lanyard Makers help us to keep every last detail made in Britain”

  1. Thanks for the post – I’ll have a look at their site in case they can do pull-tags for the backs of boots.
    Meanwhile there are a couple of similar firms in Wales to try if this one is over-booked.
    http://www.nationalweaving.co.uk/ makes the pull tags for my boots. I think this site has mentioned them before
    http://www.goldenfinishes.com/is a competitor

    One of the problems with the industry is lack of narrow internet keywords.
    Type “woven label”, “printed fabric label” or “name tape” or “embroidery” into google and a dozen niche market offerings come-up, each with its target market and preferred order size, and each possibly served by other suppliers or rivals that sell to it on a larger scale. Most, as your article says, are internet shops and importers from China.

    When searching to check the links above, I re-discovered what every ex-boarder wants to forget: Cashe’s name tapes and their rival, Wovana. Meanwile there is an industry embroidering logos to various sizes of order, an industry making woven labels for batches of clothes, and an industry printing labels onto fabric, with or without lamination or metalic-finish lettering.

    I would finish this post but the doorbell has rung

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