Portland Works : a factory well worth saving

Here at Make it British we are interested in UK manufacturing and it’s heritage, so when I was told about the plight of Portland Works, a Grade II* listed building which was the first place in the world to make stainless steel cutlery, I was intrigued to learn more. Built in 1877, the building is one of the earliest surviving examples of an integrated metal trades complex. Although no longer used to make cutlery, it does still house small manufacturing businesses and craftspeople.

But these current Portland Works tenants are under threat of eviction; their landlord wants to sell the building. And whilst last year they managed to campaign to have a planning application to convert the building into flats aborted, their future still remains uncertain.

They have now formed the Portland Works Project; a group of tenants and supporters, all volunteers, who want to ensure the survival of one of Sheffield’s great industrial buildings. The landlord has offered to sell the building to them instead of having it developed, but now they need to raise the funds to purchase it.

If you want to read more about how this amazing project is going, or even buy into a share of it, then please visit the Portland Works website.

And to give you a little taster of the variety of artists and craftspeople that have workshops in this fantastic building, they have produced this video:

This Is Portland Works from Quicksand Films on Vimeo.

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