New British Designer manufacturing in the UK: L.2.Mae

Make it British talks to Debbie Huntley, creative director of L.2.Mae, a new British designer who debuted at London Fashion Week this year.

New British Designer: L.2.Mae
New British Designer: L.2.Mae

Can you tell me a bit more about yourself and why you set up your company?

I graduated from the university of Huddersfield last year and had always wanted to have my own label. It means that I am involved in all aspects of the business; from designing to pattern cutting, overseeing manufacturing, PR and marketing.

How would you describe your collection?

My debut collection is very feminine and elegant.

In which part of Britain are you based?

I am based in Beverley, Yorkshire, and that is where my studio is. I also have a showroom space in London.

Why did you decide to manufacture in Britain?

I wanted to manufacture in the UK because I know what a thriving business it used to be, and I’m British so I wanted my label to be very British as well.
The quality of manufacturing is great and I can go to the factory when needed to check on production.
I’m thrilled that Drapers have the SOS campaign as we need to keep the skills in this country on the manufacturing map.

Who makes your products?

I get my samples made in the east end of London. I have a couple of units for larger production in the west and north of London. I am always on the look out for others around the country, but a major dream is to have a CMT unit as part of my business in the future. I’d have this up North of course!

Where do you source your raw materials from?

For my first season I used only UK suppliers. For my Autumn/Winter 2012 collection I am determined to just use UK wool manufacturers and love that Taylor & Lodge is so close to where I live in Yorkshire.

What has been the hardest part of getting your clothes made in Britain?

Ensuring that I have a production slot with my manufacturers as it is my first season and they are relatively small.

And what has been the best part?

The best part of producing in the UK is learning about the industry and taking trips to see new factories by car or train – you just can’t do that if your production is overseas.

Stockist of the L.2.Mae range can be found on their website.

2 thoughts on “New British Designer manufacturing in the UK: L.2.Mae”

  1. Hi Debbie, I have just found reading your story interesting as i am looking to set my own label up and don’t really know where to start with suppliers of material and manufactures, any advice and contacts for decent manufactures would be great or a good website to be able to find them. Many thanks Jules

    1. Hi Jules,

      We are a new manufacturer in the east end of London. Do take a look at our website and let me know if you would be interested in discussing further?

      I hope to hear from you soon,

      Kindest regards,

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