Member Masterclass: How to get started with Live Shopping

With Live Stylist & Strategist, Jade Parkinson-Hill

Jade Moon Live, Live social selling masterclass

About this masterclass

Creating live video content can be fun and is one of the best ways to connect with your customers. Live streaming on social media gives you the opportunity to stand out, capture viewers’ attention and make a bigger impression overall. Jade Parkinson-Hill knows more about this than anyone as she started with an audience of zero. Through using live video she built an award-winning business.

In this masterclass, Jade will be covering:

  • The origins of the live shopping phenomenon.
  • How global retailers are investing in live shopping
  • How social media platforms are helping small businesses to turn browsers into buyers with social shopping

Who is Jade Parkinson-Hill

Jade is an award-winning edtech entrepreneur based in Liverpool. 

Jade began her live video journey by launching the first edtech business in the UK to use the power for live broadcasting to connect UK schools to global brands like Google, Pokemon Go, Facebook, Virgin Galactic and Under Armour. 

Keen to learn everything about the world of live streaming, she stumbled upon the live shopping model emerging out of China when launching her live streaming platform for U.K. schools.

About Jade Moon Live

Jade Moon Live helps entrepreneurs to grow their businesses with live video and e-commerce to turn browsers into buyers.

Launched just this year, Jade Moon Live runs programmes to help develop live video content and streaming skills to earn extra revenue.

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