Member Masterclass: Crowdfunding your business

With Jack Millington, founder of Billy Tannery

Jack Millington micro-factory business masterclass

About this masterclass

Back in 2017 when Billy Tannery first launched, the founders made the decision to use the power of crowdfunding, not only to fund the early stages of business but to also test the response to their brand and their first range of products.

After launching their campaign on Indiegogo, they raised 104% of their target goal.

Jack Millington, the founder of Billy Tannery, will be covering in this masterclass just how you can use crowdfunding to help set up your own micro-manufacturing business. He will be discussing:

  • An introduction to Billy Tannery
  • Why we chose to use crowdfunding
  • Our launch on Kickstarter
  • Using Indiegogo to fund our relocation
  • Key learnings from two campaigns

Who is Jack Millington

Despite growing up on a farm, Jack spent his early career in London working in marketing. After discovering the huge number of British goatskins going to waste, he partnered with childhood friend Rory Harker to start Billy Tannery. Jack’s goal is to bring a fresh approach to the UK leather industry and help create a vibrant future for responsibly produced, traceable leather.

About Billy Tannery

In 2016, building on centuries of local leather knowledge Jack and Rory transformed a farm building in the Midlands into their own small-batch tannery – the first to be built in this country for well over 50 years.

Their collection of handmade leather goods is entirely made in England to celebrate this exceptional material.

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