The making of Walsh shoes

Walsh are the only 100% British-made and owned sports shoe company – and their trainers are super comfy too!

Walsh Casual Shoes
My Walsh Casual Lostocks in Orange

I first came across Walsh shoes last year when they were a little known brand selling their wares on Brick Lane market in London’s East End, but I never got round to purchasing a pair for some reason.
However, when I visited the Northampton Footwear Museum back in April, there was an exhibition about the history of Walsh (they were established back in 1961) and some of their shoes were on display. It reminded me how much I loved their classic retro looks, so I am pleased to say that I am now the proud owner of this fabulous pair of orange Lostocks…and I am not disappointed with them!

Not only are they made in my favourite colour of orange, but they are probably the most comfortable pair of trainers that I’ve ever owned (although I have only been wearing them for a couple of days). What’s more, they are 100% made in Britain. Even their soles are sourced from a British supplier.

Did you know that there are only 5 employees at Walsh making every single pair of Walsh casual shoes? Which means that I know that mine have been made by their workers named Peter, Lynda, Jon, Harry and Michele.

I’ve also found this great video of Walsh Lostocks being made in their factory in Bolton, by said Walsh employees. Well worth a watch. Although you may want to switch the sound off as the track becomes a bit much after a while – would personally have preferred to have heard them humming of the machines, but there you go.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7TnVrPV4eY]

You can buy Walsh Casual shoes from www.NormanWalshuk.com

Look out for a competition that we will be running shortly to win a pair of Walsh Cobras

10 thoughts on “The making of Walsh shoes”

  1. I’ve wearing a pair of Walsh casuals everyday for the last three months and I wouldn’t be without them.
    They have been built by craftspeople to the highest standards at a fantastic price.

  2. I still have a pair of late 1980’s blue Walsh PB fell running trainers that I used on an almost daily basis when at secondary school in Cumbria. The shoes are still going strong, proving how well they are made, though to be honest I haven’t done a lot of cross country running in the passing decades!

  3. On to my second pair of Walsh V-Ripples which I bought direct from the factory in Bolton.

    Best shoes I’ve ever worn. Hand made and virtually indestructible.

    The first pair lasted 8 years. My last pair of Adidas lasted 8 months…

    Would not buy anything else.


  4. I bought a pair of trainers on a trip to London last year as the shoes I brought were killing my feet and they needed relief ASAP. We popped into a TK Maxx where I found a pair just my size at a really great price! They saved me and my feet and I was so happy to bring the pair back to the US as a token of my time there (where a piece of my heart is always left behind when each time I depart).

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