Make it British to talk Manufacturing at two events in London this month

Kate Hills, Founder of Make it British, will be talking British manufacturing at the following events this September:

Making it in London; A day of discussion that is part of The London Design Festival
Making it in London; A day of discussion that is part of The London Design Festival

Making it in London: Progress in Manufacturing
Wednesday 18th September 2013. [14:45]-15:45pm
Victoria & Albert Museum Sackler Centre, Hochhauser Auditorium

This event, organised by Big Potatoes: The London Manifesto for Innovation, is part of  a day of discussion on manufacturing and innovation. The Progress in Manufacturing seminar will discuss how policy makers, government, educators and other organisations can help, or avoid hindering, progress in manufacturing. The debate will be centred around the future of manufacturing in London, asking whether it could be the ‘design workshop of the world’. Kate will be contributing to the conversation relaying her recent discussion with the Government on the issues faced by SMEs that want to manufacture in the capital.

This event is part of The London Design Festival and is supported by The Mayor of London and the Arts Council. For more details, and to book a ticket to the talk, visit the London Design Festival website. 

Make it British also has a limited number of guest passes to give away for this event. If you leave a comment below giving the reasons why you would like to attend, we may be able to send you a free ticket or two!

Fashion SVP
Fashion SVP: A trade show for sourcing near-shore garment manufacturers

Fashion SVP
Tuesday 24th September 2013. [1:30]-2:30pm
Olympia, London

Fashion SVP is a trade show for near-sourcing manufacturing within the fashion & textiles industry. The topic of Kate’s talk will be ‘British manufacturers – How to make the most of the resource on your doorstep’. She will be discussing the findings of her survey into whether the customer even cares whether their garment has a Made in Britain label, as well as offering advice to those that want to make their collections in the UK.

This is a trade only event. More details are available on the Fashion SVP website.

Apologies if these events are a bit London-ccentric. If anyone would like Kate to talk at other events around the country then please get in touch via her author page.

7 thoughts on “Make it British to talk Manufacturing at two events in London this month”

  1. The government could support British firms and companies manufacturing in Britain by making a point of procuring from them and actively encouraging the Police, local authorities etc. to buy British, whether it be vehicles or whatever.

    Companies manufacturing here should be given every encouragement and efforts made to help them to expand their ranges etc. especially where only part of a product range is British made.

    There also needs to be some active education to inform people of the benefits of buying British, jobs, balance of payments, tax etc. etc. Buying foreign products simply exports jobs!

    Perhaps efforts could also be made to try and encourage companies who have outsourced manufacture to repatriate some of all of this, people such as Hornby & Spear & Jackson spring to mind, names with a tremendous heritage whose products are now made in China. In the model railway world Peco successfully manufacture all their products here. We still have small footholds in the hand tool industry, companies such as Footprint are still hanging on and King Dick also still make their spanners and sockets here, they all need help and encouragement!

  2. hi – i would be interested in attending the events on wed 18th september and 24th september in London if you have a spare ticket for one person…just really interested in british manufacturing and thinking about starting a new britsh label



  3. The récent interest in British Manufacturing and British made products is incredibly exciting. We have such a wonderful history of craftsmanship and heritage brands that we need to protect and promote this for the future. It would be huge loss to the country if our highly skilled traditional crafts men and women were to decline further.

    Our support and promotion of British manufacturing is key to maintaining and hopefully increasing the
    innovation and quality of our products.

    Having recently worked with a small Independent Menswear Accessories Designer who sources material and manufactures entirely within the UK, it is great to experience the belief and pride in UK craftspeople and material. However more financial and/or guidance support from the government, and an increase in worthy professional training is needed so that these companies can progress and continue to support our manufacturing.

    Like it said, it is an exciting time.

  4. I am writing my dissertation on the importance of manufacturing clothes in Britain, this talk would be extremely beneficial if there are any more spare tickets.

  5. Missed the event looks interesting…I am looking for new sources of supply around London area for coats and skirts.Can you help?
    Rgds Marilyn Moore

    Big fan of UK manufacturing and designer retailer with 3 shops in London

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