Made In England: New Balance Trainers

In an effort to practice what I preach I am trying to only buy products Made in the UK, so when it com to trainers it has to be New Balance.
Here is a great video showing the New Balance footwear factory in Flimby, Cumbria.
It’s great to see the craftsmanship that goes into making their shoes and that this sort of production is still thriving in some pockets of the UK.
Visit NewBalance.co.uk
[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/http://vimeo.com/20244508]

9 thoughts on “Made In England: New Balance Trainers”

  1. I’ve been searching for some trainers for my son (4, size 11) and wanted to buy some New Balance, but their entire child range is made in China (or similar). It appears only 5-6 lines of their running shoe range are UK made 🙁

  2. i was not aware that any of their running shoes are made in the UK.
    They buy finished trainers from china or vietnam for which they pay 17% tax,
    They buy 1,200,000 pairs of soles, uppers and inserts from china or vietnam, which they only pay 3% tax and assemble these into 1,200,000 pairs of finished shoes at their flimby factory; allowing for the N.I. and Tax paid by the people at the flimby factory this saves them about £1.8 million in tax.
    They make about 200,000 pairs of uppers from leather, pig skin etc. at their flimby factory which are then assembled on to soles and inserts made in china or vietnam and these are the shoes which have the union flag in them. Due to innefficient production of these shoes they sometimes cannot meet demand so they get uppers cut, sewn and embroidered in mexico or boston and shipped to flimby for assembly into shoes sold as made in uk. They employ half as many people to assemble the 1,200,000 pairs of trainers for which all parts have been made in china/vietnam as they employ to make the 200,000 pairs of which the uppers have been made in flimby and the assembly has been done in flimby but the soles made in china/vietnam.
    The head office for New Balance is in USA and they charge UK with a “supervision” cost.
    If i wanted to buy footwear made in UK i would not buy New Balance, your feature is misleading

    1. So, if you wanted to buy running shoes made / assembled in Britain what would you buy ? or would the allure of the Union Flag on the side of a pair of reeboks fool you sufficiently ?
      Its enough they have a factory in Britain .

  3. William Hodgson

    If you want to ‘practise what you preach’ you could start by using British English spelling. In British English, practice is a noun and practise is a verb.

    1. That’s the saddest comment on this thread, nothing to add to the conversation so resorts to being the grammar police, sad person

  4. I bought a pair of Walsh Trainers recently and they fell to pieces inside a month so I went back to New Balance. Its fine buying British if the products are worth the money otherwise China will do nicely.

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