John Smedley – Made in England since 1784

John Smedley release video to celebrate manufacturing knitwear in England for over 230 years

There aren’t many companies in the UK that have been manufacturing here  for as long as John Smedley – in fact, their business was founded just 13 years after Richard Arkwright invented the first water-powered spinning mill, at the start of the Industrial Revolution. hence they have arguably more right than anyone else celebrate their British manufacturing heritage.

This video entitled ‘John Smedley: Representing Great Britain’ depicts all aspects of the manufacturing of John Smedley’s fine gauge, fully-fashioned knitwear. A system that has changed little in over 200 years.

To tie in with the launch of the video, and to celebrate Team GB’s success in cycling at this year’s Olympics, John  Smedley have collaborated with an artisan frame builder to create a one of a kind British cycle. The track bike, made by Ricky Feather, with help from Brooks the saddle makers, can be won as part of a prize draw that is concluding on the 30th of September. Pop over to the John Smedley website for more details.

John Smedley Feather Cycle
One of a kind: The John Smedley Feather Cycle

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