Helen Ruth Scarves

Queen Elizabeth, NOT in a Helen Ruth Scarf

Surely there is nothing more British than a silk square tied in a jaunty fashion about one’s person? After all, our very own Queen Elizabeth II is extremely partial to sporting one tied under her chin.

However, these days not any old scarf will do; what one really needs is a Helen Ruth scarf.

Printed on to silk twill or fine wool, Helen Ruth’s scarves may have flowers and wildlife on them, but that’s as close as they get to the ones worn by our Royal octogenarian. Instead, Helen’s digitally printed beauties are a riot of colour and surreal fantasy of the most intricate detail.

Plus we love them even more here at Make it British for the fact that they are all printed in Scotland.

Helen Ruth Handkerchief
Helen Ruth Silk Handkerchief
Spring Fair Scarf by Helen Ruth
Spring Fair Scarf by Helen Ruth
Helen Ruth Scarf
Detail of Spring Fair Scarf
Strawberry Vines Scarf by Helen Ruth
Strawberry Vines Scarf by Helen Ruth

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