Celtic Sheepskin Co – the British-made Ugg

celtic_sheepskin_co_british_made_sheepskin_bootsThe more I search around for stories of brands that are still manufacturing in the UK, the more I uncover tales of companies seeking to keep skills alive. The Celtic Sheepskin Co is one such company.

Their story goes something like this: back in the days before the name UGG became synonymous with Australia, the Celtic Sheepskin Co were called The Original Ugg Co. In 1996 they  licensed the use of the UGG trademark to Deckers Outdoor Corporation, but to this day they still continue to manufacture sheepskin boots from their factory in Newquay. Not only that, but the boot that the Celtic Sheepskin Co make has a much more hardwearing sole than the UGG boot.

If you have any interest in the craftmanship that is involved in making a sheepskin boot, then it is well worth checking out this page on the Celtic Sheepskin Co’s website which shows how their Celt boots are made.

Recently a shortage of these manufacturing skills in the UK has found this great British brand unable to meet the growing demand for their British-made sheepskin products. But now, thanks to an investment from private equity firm Piper, the company is able to employ more staff to help produce their hand-made boots in their Newquay factory. Great News!

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    1. But it took the cult of the celebrity that started in America to create the trend that caused worldwide adoption.

  1. I have been making high heeled bespoke women’s shoes in Britain for nearly 25 years !

    Also, what about Gina shoes, extremely successful high end women’s shoes. Were made in Dalston, now moved to new factory in Tottenham. A really fine example of a success in British industry.

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  3. Ugg Australian boots owned by Deckers aren’t even made in Australia but the name ‘Ugg’ boot traditionally is an Australian invention. We have been making our own version of sheepskin boots in Wales since 1979. Specializing in colour they have become a Welsh icon. In our workshop we currently have 56 different colour styles – can’t stop experimenting.

  4. You should check out the story and evolution that took place because of Draper of Glastonbury in the sheepskin industry. They are one of the largest manufacturer of sheepskin products in UK from past 75+ years. Their generations have worked hard in this business to give sheepskin boots an elegant, sleek and an eye catching look. They are known for using the finest quality of sheepskin for the manufacturing of sheepskin boots for both the genders. Visit their website and I can assure you will definitely be amazed by the facts that they have made available on their website about the sheepskin footwear and its expansion.

  5. When I lived in Europe your British made house slippers had a cork midsole. To my surprise, that is not the case anymore. I took slippers apart and found foam, very thin and supposed to be a leather sole, that was not even one piece. It was sewn together from pieces. Therefore my feet were always so cold. Very disappointed about it. I wrote several slipper places and asked if they have a cork midsole, and no answer. I needed slippers and bought some. I checked them there was no cork to find. So your slippers are simply not as good as you think. Very sad about the workmanship, and I will not buy anymore.
    UGG does not have cork either and I substitute cork and more sheepsole for the lack of of proper bottom.

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