Buy British campaign launched by National Farmers Union

The National Farmers Union will tomorrow launch a campaign in 10 National newspapers to encourage the public to buy British food produce

National Farmers Union Buy British
Poster for the National Farmers union Buy British campaign

In the wake of the revelation that major UK supermarkets have been selling meat products from foreign suppliers that contained horsemeat, the National Farmers Union has stepped in to remind everyone  that by buying products with the Red Tractor logo the consumer can be assured that the contents within have been inspected from farm to pack. Using the twitter hashtag buybritish the NFU will also be championing British produce on social media and encouraging consumers to show their support and buy the high standard food produced on British farms.

“Our meat industry is one of the most highly regulated in the country and it is imperative that we remind consumers that British farmers work to some of the most stringent standards” said NFU President Peter Kendall. “Consumers should have the confidence that the products they buy are what they say they are. Our message to them is that British farms produce high quality produce and we want the public to continue to show them support.”

The strapline for the campaign is “Make it British, Make it Local, Make it Happen” and we couldn’t agree more!

To find out more, and to download a poster from the campaign, head to www.nfuonline.com or follow their BuyBritish hashtag on Twitter

2 thoughts on “Buy British campaign launched by National Farmers Union”

  1. I applaud the NFU for their initiative. However, perhaps they could turn their attention to the farming community who, if my local farm is anything to go by, purchase their farm machinery from the US, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, in fact just about anywhere but the UK .(Do we not make farm machinery in the UK anymore, or is it just my local farmer on a one man mission to grow our volume of imports!?) Somewhat ironic that they use the red tractor as the ‘Buy British’ logo.

  2. Bravo! Well done, my family always look for British products. Look to Australia, they put a Kangaroo logo on their produce and most people buy this. Simple, sensible and brilliant.

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