Make it British Weekly News Round-up: 5 August 2018

UK manufacturing and British-made brands in the news this week: JH Cunliffe set to expand; Strong growth for SME manufacturers; Brits buying fewer UK made cars

Rochdale textile company set to expand (Rochdale Online)

A textile firm in Rochdale, supplying the UK high street with narrow width fabrics for use in home furnishings, has announced it is set to expand.

JH Cunliffe, which opened in 1878, has spent £400,00o refurbishing its mill to meet growing demand, and is one of only 2 companies in the UK which specialises in narrow width weaving.

“Managing director Josh Dawson, 24, said: “The Made in Britain brand is really strong now. People know they can get better quality for not much money and we export all over the world. We had six major customers a few years ago and now we have 30.”

JH Cunliffe
JH Cunliffe’s Josh Dawson with Councillor John Blundell

Strong growth for SME manufacturers as skills shortage bites (Zenoot)

There has been a growth in new orders among the UK’s small and medium-sized (SME) manufacturers in the three months to July, according to the latest quarterly CBI SME Trends Survey.

The survey of 324 respondents showed that total new orders rose at their fastest pace since 1995, but SMEs expect to see a significant slowing in the pace of growth for both production and orders over the next quarter.

“Alpesh Paleja, CBI Principal Economist, said: “SME manufacturers will be feeling buoyant after a period of strong growth in orders and production. But cost pressures remain stubbornly high.

The retrenchment of training budgets is worrying at a time when skills and labour shortages are really biting hard, and highlights the need for urgent reform of the Apprenticeship Levy, so that it truly delivers for people and businesses.”

SME's have reported a rise in manufacturing outport (Photo: Getty)
SME’s have reported a rise in manufacturing outport (Photo: Getty)

Britain’s Drivers buying fewer UK made cars (The Sunday Times Driving)

Such a shame that us Brits can’t support our own car industry – the sales of cars made in Britain to the UK has fallen by 47% in a year. 90% of the cars that we make here are exported.

“The industry body said that car manufacturers were facing a ‘perfect storm’, with falling consumer confidence, tough new emissions and fuel economy tests and the looming summer holiday season pushing down demand for domestically built cars by nearly half, in June.

uk made cars
Sales of British-made cars to the UK market have fallen

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