BooHoo Leicester garment Manufacturing

BooHoo and Leicester Garment Manufacturing

We need to talk about BooHoo, and what they have done to the garment making industry in Leicester… Buckle up, this is not a pleasant ride. At its peak, BooHoo was making 1.5 MILLION garments a week in Leicester. Yes,

BooHoo's Made in UK Scam

BooHoo’s Made in UK Scam

In the world of clothing, various studies have shown that a “Made in the UK” label can be of great value to a brand. It symbolises quality, craftsmanship, and a commitment to ethical practices. However, recent events at BooHoo have

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Best of British Furniture - Make it British

Best of British Made in UK Furniture

For the living room, bedroom, garden or study, we bring you our list of the best British furniture brands. Our furniture is what makes a house a home, and there are plenty of options to choose UK-made furniture. So whether

Best of British Ceramics - Make it British

Best of British Made in UK Ceramics brands

We bring you our top British-made Ceramicists and Potters. Ceramics can really add individuality and art to your home and this article gives you a vast range of options from tableware, vases and sculptures all made in Britain. So whether

Best of British Coronation British-made Accessories - What to Wear

What To Wear For The King’s Coronation

As the world eagerly awaits the coronation of King Charles III, you may be wondering what to wear to celebrate this historic event! Discover the best clothing to wear for the King’s coronation along with accessories made right here in

Top 10 Make it British Accessories for Dogs British-made pet brands

Best of British Accessories for Dogs

They are our cherished companions and we love to accessorise our pets! We’ve pulled together a list of the best accessories for dogs made in the UK. We’re helping you to treat your furry companion with some wonderful pet accessories