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Government Launches Make it in Great Britain Campaign

Vince Cable calls for UK manufacturing champions

Make it in Great BritainIn an attempt to put Made in Britain at the forefront of the public’s minds during the Olympic Games next year, Vince Cable is looking for 30 industry experts to help spearhead a Make it in Great Britain campaign that will culminate in an exhibition of the best of British manufacturing during London 2012.

Whilst I imagine that the campaign will probably lean heavily towards engineering, the call out is for ‘passionate manufacturers, whether that’s ‘captains of industry’ or those just starting out in their careers’.

Maybe Mary Portas will put herself forward…

Fancy getting involved in the Make it in Great Britain campaign?

If you would like to participate in the campaign you can apply via the Make it in Great Britain website.

Disclaimer: Despite the name similarity, Make it British is an independent site and not in any way connected to the Make it in Great Britain campaign



  1. T. Wilkinson on February 24, 2012 at 1:58 pm

    We are trying to make the UK great again but we are very distressed at the decision to place a large tanker order with South Korea. There is good shipbuilding capacity in the UK which should be used. This government and MOD is again showing lack of interest in UK business and should immediately take not as to how the contract can be moved to the UK. As it stands only 9% of the South Korean business will find its way back to the UK.

    Where is the Government leadership coming from?

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