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A Made in Britain debate on the future of manufacturing in the UK took place as part of the Festival of Britain Power and Production Weekend at the Southbank Centre a couple of weeks ago.

Here is a video of the debate, featuring the BBC’s Evan Davis, Mark Adams from Vitsoe, Will Butler-Adams from Brompton Bikes, and Jing Lu from Black Country Atelier.

Made in Britain Debate from Black Country Atelier on Vimeo.

6 facts about Made in Britain from the video:

  • ┬áBritain is still one of the Top 10 manufacturing countries in the world
  • As a nation we are 5 or 6 times richer than China.
  • The UK no longer makes many T-shirts but we do make Brompton Bikes and Rolls Royce jet engines
  • Vitsoe moved all manufacturing to the UK in 1995 and since then has seen year on year growth
  • We went into importing rather than exporting, but we went too far
  • MD of Brooks admits his Brooks jacket is made in China!


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