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Lord Sugar speaks up for British manufacturing in the House of Lords

Sir Alan Sugar is the latest high profile figure to call for more to be done to support British manufacturing.

In his address to the House of Lords on the 8th December, Sir Alan Sugar, the business mogul best known as the tough-talking star on The Apprentice, called for the government to allocate some of its £125 million Advance Manufacturing Supply Chain Fund to finance incubator factories in empty industrial units so that start up businesses could manufacture their products in the UK.

He also said that the lack of patriotism from shoppers could be addressed by a nationally recognised Made in Britain logo which the government should ‘dip their hands in their pockets’  to fund.

Lord Sugar: “I remember when Made in Britain was a very proud statement for manufacturers… and I do believe that we are still capable of producing quality products in this country.”


The video of the full speech can be seen above or on You Tube here.



  1. Tyler Brule on December 21, 2011 at 10:53 am

    Didn’t he get extremely rich from sourcing production of his shitty Amstrad computers in the far East? When’s he ever backed British manufacturing? LOL

    • Kate Hills on December 21, 2011 at 11:28 am

      Hi Tyler

      It’s too true that companies like Amstrad really haven’t done much to help Britsh manufacturing in the last decade or so. However he does say that he believes that the UK is better at producing quality products…
      I do think that the manufacturing incubators are a good idea, and at least he is not making a reality TV show about it like some other high-profile names.

  2. Abubaker H on July 17, 2013 at 10:01 pm

    Although I agree that he himself has done nothing to support the UK manufacturing industry. However, I do agree with him on the point that the government should support small startup manufacturers.

    I have been having great difficulties having Ipad cases, hand bags and other leather goods manufactured in the UK simply because Manufacturers don’t have the resources or man power to take too many commissions simultaneously. Therefore, I wouldn’t mind setting up my own small manufacturing company with two or three employees to manufacture my own collection,

    Any one of the many abandoned warehouses in west london would be perfect for my purpose. What makes me angry however, is that the government would rather have the abandoned properties be derelict rather than supporting someone like me to turn the warehouse to functional factories and to create jobs and trade opportunities.

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