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Wool Room UK
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Wool Rool UK specialises in wool bedding, mattresses and accessories, to help you craft your own personal haven. Our locally sourced, sustainable wool is naturally hypoallergenic and regulates temperature to breathe with your body, for a healthier and happier night’s sleep.
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Wool Room UK

Woolroom was founded in 2008 by Jo Dawson, the fourth generation of a Bradford wool merchant family. Backed by 150 years of sourcing the finest wool from around the world. Woolroom’s mission was to try and break the frustration surrounding the undervaluing of this incredible fibre. Farmers were paid less than the cost of shearing their sheep and over the generations, the wider consumer had forgotten the benefits that wool brings to the home. It was on this backdrop that Woolroom was founded.

Woolroom’s goal was to also break the stigma surrounding wool. It has commonly been viewed as a fibre that is more suitable for cooler climates, that it is difficult to care for and is itchy and scratchy to touch or wear. Woolroom’s aim was to re-educate the consumer on how wool’s amazing benefits could far outweigh any of the unfounded negatives associations with wool. Whilst developing and sourcing products from around the world, there was one key development at the core of its business - machine washable wool bedding. This natural and sustainable fibre could regulate temperature, be washed at home, and when encased in soft cotton, could be used in the bedroom environment.

Our Promise
At Woolroom, we know it’s important to do right by our farmers, the environment, the future and you. That is why with every product you purchase from us you’re guaranteed the highest quality, highest levels of sustainability and ethical sourcing as well as a product that not only looks amazing, but performs better than anything else available.

Farmers: We support hardworking British farmers by sourcing some of the world’s finest wool. In association with Woolkeepers ™. All our wool comes from farms that adhere to the Five Freedoms, enshrined in the Animal Welfare Act, 2007. We don’t source wool from anywhere that doesn’t guarantee healthy, happy animals.

Environment: At every step, we look for eco-friendly materials to use in our products and packaging as well. The outer casing on our Deluxe and Luxury wool bedding ranges is high quality unbleached, organic cotton. Non-organic cotton uses 16% of the world’s insecticides and 24% of the world’s pesticides, putting our environment at risk of harmful contamination. We’re here to reduce that impact.

We refrain from using plastics wherever possible. Our bedding is packaged in unbleached calico bags that can be used again and again as an environmentally friendly storage solution.

Future: We believe in sustainable and clean living. Because Wool is a natural fibre, it is biodegradable in nitrogen rich soils and compost. So, when your Woolroom mattress or bedding comes to the end of its natural life (after many, many happy sleeps), it’s not going to sit in landfill, polluting the environment for years to come like other types of bedding.

We hope that with Woolroom you’ll find a calming, peaceful night’s sleep with the knowledge that you are sleeping with the finest natural fibers known to mankind.

That’s the Woolroom difference.

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