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Perfect Pillow
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Home & Garden, Health & Beauty
We produce Organic, Earth Friendly health products, including our Organic Buckwheat Pillows & Mattresses and we are the UKs largest supplier of Buckwheat Husk and Natural Kapok. Big & Small orders welcome call +44 (0)1287 644444 or email sales@perfectpillow.co.uk Here's something we wish we didn't have to tell you, Memory foam bedding is made from noxious toxic chemicals But we have the answer, find out more about our 100% natural Buckwheat Pillows and Mattresses at www.razzmatazz.co.uk
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Perfect Pillow Ltd

A small British owned family firm based near Whitby on the North Yorkshire Moors, taking the fight to the big conglomerates who produce chemical filled bedding products such as toxic memory foam without an ounce of care for the consumer as long as they are making big profits. On the frontline of this fight are their Organic Buckwheat filled Perfect Pillows and Mattresses are designed in such a way that they comply with all E.U & U.K fire safety regulations without the need for any chemicals at all due to the little Buckwheat Husks almost unbelievable ability to do the job of fire protection completely Naturally! If that wasn't enough, no chemicals, pesticides or herbicides are used on the soil or the plant at any time during growing, harvesting and delivering the husks to their eco-friendly destination. 

Thanks to Mother Nature and responsible farmers, it's a win-win situation. The sleeper benefits by achieving healthier and safe sleep, and the planet benefits because there is less of these toxic chemicals being used, therefore all of mother Earth's inhabitants, humans, bees, vegetation, animals, insects, birds, reptiles, are all better off! 

Our incredible Natural Perfect Pillows and Mattresses keep you cool in Summer and warm in Winter, get your very own chemical-free bedding at www.perfectpillow.co.uk. And more good news, the pillows are fully adjustable, unlike conventional toxic foam and feather bedding!

The European grown Buckwheat Husks that we use in our Pillows and Mattresses comply with Fire Safety Regulation BS5852 completely naturally, without the need for toxic fire retardants, this is because the amazing little husks have the incredible ability to extinguish flames all by themselves!!!! How amazing is that!! Mother Nature's own little Firefighters!

We also produce other natural, healthy lifestyle products such as Pure Essential Oils, A huge range of Handmade soaps, a wide range of Meditation and yoga products and so many more incredible ways for you to transform your life, visit them all at www.razzmatazz.co.uk or www.perfectpillow.co.uk

And for your bulk Buckwheat Husk and Kapok enquiries visit - www.buckwheat.co.uk


All of our products are skilfully made by our team in our factory on the edge of the Beautiful North Yorkshire Moors

All of our raw materials are of the highest quality and are ethically sourced from European farms

All products Made in the UK
Vegan, Cruelty Free, Organic, Carbon Neutral
Home & Garden, Health & Beauty
Home Furnishings & Accessories
Aromatherapy & Essential Oils, Fragrance
Business to Consumer (B2C), Business to Business (B2B)
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Perfect Pillow
01287 644444
North Liverton Industrial Estate
North Yorkshire
TS13 4QZ