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Nanna Black Candles
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NANNA BALCK CANDLES Every candle is hand made, each element from the wick to the vessel is meticulously sourced with a emotional intention in mind. My blends are combined using the benefits of traditional aromatherapy techniques to enlighten your senses that not only has well-being benefits, they also smell amazing.
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Nanna Black Candles

Each candle is hand poured, individually made using soy wax and pure essential oils.
They are beautifully presented luxury candles in stylish containers. We currently are using four blends (for custom blends please message me),

01. The Surrender Blend - Bergamot & Ylang Ylang
02. The Enlighten Blend - Jasmine & Neroli
03. The Gratitude Blend - Jasmine & Ylang Ylang
04. The Finding Strength Blend - Neroli & Bergamot

The NB Signature Classic 700 ml
The Solar Solitaire Vessel 365 ml
The Shooting Star Vessel 400 ml
The Simplicity Vessel 300ml

Therapeutic candles made with high quality essential oils can have a positive impact on our minds and bodies. As you burn a candle infused with essential oils, their aroma is released into your surroundings. As you inhale the pleasant aroma, the essential oils are absorbed into our bloodstream, allowing us to benefit from their soothing effects.
Soy wax, beeswax and rapeseed wax are all used to make all-natural aromatherapy candles. They burn less soot; they burn slower than most candles; and, their major benefit, they emanate a real sense of well-being. Organically made aromatherapy candles are healthy and healing. Essential oil candles can uplift moods, help with depression, help with anxiety and stress and help with relaxation.


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Nanna Black Candles
07970 53 88 77
74 Kings Avenue
New Malden