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KAIA Clothing
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Clothing & Accessories
KAIA Clothing is a new sustainable luxury brand that creates statement pieces that are as comfortable as they are gorgeous, whilst being planet-friendly.
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KAIA Clothing

I have a deep love for creating clothing. It came and went over the years. At 19, I made and sold clothes to my friends. I studied fashion design and took fashion drawing classes at London's Central St Martin's School of Art, however, I chose the predictability and dependability of corporate retail, immersing my geekish side into a function called merchandising (profits, forecasting and analysis of inventory data). I left corporate retail behind just before starting my family, hoping to change course, and do more with my life to impact and improve the lives of others. My life took an unpredictable turn one day Having set out on the school run, I had no idea that upon my return to the house a short while later, that, I would learn, out of the blue, that I had gone from married family life to single parenthood. This marked the start of my journey of recovery and re-discovery. KAIA Clothing represents a return to one of my earliest passions; designing and making clothes. This journey has also re-connected me to my earlier desire to impact the lives of others, in particular, vulnerable women and children. The name KAIA (pronounced kye-ah) is made up of the initials of myself and my son. The world is very different now to when I made my first halter neck top, and by now, many of us are discovering the awful truth about the fashion industry: One wash-load of polyester clothes can release 700,000 microplastic fibres into the environment. It is estimated that half a million tonnes of these microfibres end up in the sea each year. Polyester, made from fossil fuels, is non-biodegradable. Microfibres from synthetics are a major contributor to microplastic pollution – a 2019 Bangor University survey of UK rivers, reservoirs and lakes found micro-plastic pollution at all locations tested. According to the Pulse of Fashion report in 2015 the industry was responsible for 1,715 million tonnes of CO2 emissions. The UN states that the fashion industry consumes more energy than the aviation and shipping industry combined. The Pulse report forecast fashion emissions to grow by 63% by 2030. According to the 2017 Wrap report, the average water footprint for a kilo of cotton (equivalent to pair of jeans and a shirt) is 10,000-20,000 litres. India and Pakistan are major suppliers of cotton to the UK, but both countries suffer from high levels of water scarcity. KAIA Clothing is a sustainable clothing brand that offers relaxed and elegant designs in beautiful and sustainable fabrics, including GOTS certified organic jersey bamboo, 100% artisan linen made by members of the Linen Guild, Organic rubber, and cotton elastic.


KAIA Clothing is handmade to order. In the near future, manufacturing will be outsourced to local CMT manufacturing units in East Midlands and London.

The Spring/Summer collection is made from linen and bamboo; both are plant fibres.
Our linens are woven in the UK, by Masters of Linen; certified artisans that design and weave our exclusive fabrics.
Our super soft, GOTS Certified bamboo is order via a UK based supplier of organic fabrics, and the certification and fabric is woven in Turkey.

All products Made in the UK
Vegan, Cruelty Free, Organic
Clothing & Accessories
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KAIA Clothing
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