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6 Reasons why UK-made gifts are more sustainable

Have you bought your Christmas gifts yet?

Well, if you haven’t, stop right there.

Before you get bombarded by all the Black Friday deals, listen to this episode of the Make it British podcast and find out why buying a UK-made Christmas gift is more sustainable.

This week is Black Friday, which is when we are bombarded with all sorts of promotions encouraging us to buy things, which apparently are a total bargain; a real steal.

You’re probably worried that if you don’t snap them up now you’re going to be losing out.

Well, I can guarantee that most of those products you’re seeing discounts for on the High Street are actually not a bargain at all.

In fact, I can let you into a little secret.

What a lot of big stores do is actually buy the products in just to sell them in the sale for black Friday!

So many of those Black Friday deals are not a bargain at all.

A lot of companies that make in the UK don’t do Black Friday because what they’re offering is at the real price in the first place.

And shopping for Christmas gifts which are made in the UK is much more sustainable too!

Here are 6 reasons why UK-made Christmas gifts are more sustainable

Lower Carbon Footprint

I’m sure I don’t need to spell it out to you, but if you buy something that is made locally, and if you’re in the UK and you buy a product that’s made in the UK, it’s carbon footprint is so much lower. So don’t think that if you’re buying a product that’s made overseas, it’s arrived on a slow boat from China and it’s taken weeks to get here because it most certainly hasn’t.

These days a lot of product that’s in the stores that’s made overseas has been flown to the UK to get it here as fast as possible, so it can be in all those black Friday promotions.

Whereas if you buy a product that’s made locally, it hasn’t travelled very far at all. So its carbon footprint is so much lower.

And if you buy from a small business or a craftsperson, chances are that they haven’t travelled very far to make it either, as most UK manufacturers are small businesses that employ local people.

So it makes a huge difference where the product that you’re buying has been made when it comes to its carbon footprint. And who wants to be creating a great big carbon footprint at the same time as giving your Christmas gifts? Exactly.

Quality Gifts Last Longer

If you give a gift that’s made in the UK to someone special in your life this Christmas and it’s a quality item, it will last so much longer.

Who wants to receive some cheap crap that’s going to break before new year and be added to landfill somewhere?

Buy a quality product that’s made to last because if you’ve taken the trouble to go and buy that gift and give it to someone, you don’t want it to fall apart.

Give a British-made gift of quality that will last.

Direct from the Maker

Another good reason to buy something that’s made here (particularly if you shop in our Gift Guide) is that you’re buying something direct from the maker.

You’re cutting out the middleman; so no need to schlep down the high street and go to all those chain stores who’ve got huge overheads and who are making a massive profit with their huge margins. Give a gift bought directly from a UK maker.

By cutting out the middleman (ie the retailer) you’ll get much better value for money and you’ll know you’re supporting directly the businesses that make that product.

Isn’t it so much better to be able to tell a story with the gift that you give to your friend or family this season than having something that everyone else is going to have?

More Unique

If you buy a product that’s made here, chances are it’s been made on a much smaller scale and is much more unique.

I don’t want to receive something that everyone else has got. I’m sure you don’t want to give something like that either.

Give a gift that’s made in the UK, produced on a small scale, and you’ll have a gift which is totally unique and has a fantastic story behind it.

Support Homegrown Talent

Buying British mean supporting homegrown talent.

Not everyone wants to work in the service industry and the UK is sadly a service-industry-led country these days.

Manufacturing can thrive again only if we support those people that make things in the UK.

For every gift that you buy that’s made in the UK, you are supporting homegrown talent and sending the message to that maker that it’s worth them continuing making things.

The UK would be a much duller place if everyone worked in a bank or a shop and we didn’t have beautiful things still made here.

So support what our homegrown makers do and give a UK-made gift this Christmas.

More Transparency

There is much more transparency around who has made your product when you can speak directly to the person that has made it.

How brilliant to be able to give a gift to someone and say ‘I know who made this for you’.

Have I inspired you to give UK-made gifts this Christmas?

Have a look in our gift guide and find gifts that are made in the UK that you can give to friends and family.

You’ll be giving a much more sustainable gift this Christmas if you do!

This is a bonus Christmas episode.

Series 2 of the Make it British Podcast starts in January.

Subscribe to the podcast to make sure you don’t miss it!

Make it British Gift Guide: http://www.makeitbritish.co.uk/christmas


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  1. Marcia McGrail on November 28, 2019 at 2:19 pm

    You are preaching to the choir here, Kate! I heartily agree with all your points but I do believe that British manufaturing suffers from a large dose of promotionphobia – I often feel like shouting ‘WHERE ARE YOU?’ when trawling the shops for a British made alternative to the ubiquitous ‘made in china/thailand/vietnam/[insert other]’ labels….come on, manufacturerers, up your game!
    Merry Christmas!

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