The Cost of Choosing the Wrong Manufacturer – and 5 Ways to Ensure you Don’t

If you have a limited budget to spend on product development and stock, the worst thing you can do is pick the wrong manufacturing partner.

Here’s how to make sure that you don’t.  


  • [06:00] The expensive mistakes brands make when it comes to choosing the wrong manufacturer.
  • [07:03] The potential pitfalls the can happen when looking for a UK manufacturer.
  • [09:53] Why you should always visit a factory before you pay them any money.
  • [11:55] Why recommendations are important when it comes to choosing a manufacturing partner.
  • [13:04] Why you need to be cautious of the ‘too good to be true’ manufacturer that approaches you on social media.
  • [17:07] The sure-fire way of blowing your start-up budget all in one go.

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