228 – How to promote your business on YouTube – Linda De Ruiter, The Slow Wardrobe

Linda De Ruiter is the founder of sustainable womenswear brand, The Slow Wardrobe.

In this episode, we talk about Linda’s business, The Slow Wardrobe, how she dresses women to feel more confident, and why she’s chosen YouTube as the main marketing channel to drive sales for her business.

If you find it difficult to get in front of the camera to market your products, then take a leaf out of Linda’s book!

Linda gives some great tips for how to produce video quickly and simply for YouTube, and how to repurpose those videos into other forms of content.


  • [3:14]  How Linda’s clothing collection evolved because of customer demand.
  • [6:39] Where Linda’s collection is made.
  • [9:00] How Linda sells using a pre-order model.
  • [10:01] The Slow Wardrobe’s pandemic pivot.
  • [20:53] How Linda got started on YouTube.
  • [22:45] Linda’s equipment for creating YouTube content.
  • [26:26] Simple prep-work for creating each video.

More about The Slow Wardrobe

The Slow Warddrobe

The Slow Wardrobe on YouTube

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