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Ep148 – How to promote a UK-made brand

UK-made goods have huge value both at home and abroad. What are you doing to shout about the provenance of your UK-made brand?

Several studies, including this one and  this one, have shown that consumers value a genuine, made in the UK product.

More people than ever are searching for ‘made in the UK’ and wanting to support small and local businesses.

So if you have a product-based business that is made in Britain, this is certainly something you should be capitalising on.

You need to be telling shoppers at every opportunity, so that they know that you are selling a genuinely made in the UK product.

If you’re not shouting about it, how many sales might you be missing out on?

In this episode, I share my 7 tips you can action right now to shine a light on the products that you make in the UK.


  • What promoting a UK-made brand is NOT about [3:20]
  • The one obvious thing you should be doing that you might not be [5:14]
  • Examples of made in the UK brands that are really good at talking about the provenance of their company [7:51]
  • How you can have great provenance without being a heritage brand with years of history [12:56]
  • How you can triumph over cheap overseas imports [19:34]

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