fbpx 037 - Debbie Humphreys, Redhound for Dogs - Finding a Winning Business Formula

037 – Debbie Humphreys, Redhound for Dogs – Finding a Winning Business Formula

Debbie Humphreys Redhound for Dogs

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best

Debbie Humphreys stumbled across her business idea when she took ownership of a whippet called Bruno and had trouble finding things to keep him warm.

With a background in dressmaking and a successful wedding dress business, Debbie started to turn her hand to making clothes for her whippet.
When other dog owners started to ask where she got them, Debbie realised that she was on to something.

Fast forward nine years and Debbie has a thriving business selling a very British collection of knitwear and coats for whippets (with the occasional Daschund coat).

The secret to her success? She’s stuck to a very specific product area for one type of customer – and nearly everything is made within 20 miles of where she is based in the Kent countryside.

Redhound for Dogs

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Debbie Humphreys

Debbie with George her whippet wearing matching Redhound for Dogs

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