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007 – The Best Place to Find a Manufacturer

The Best place to find a manufacturer
Want to know the best place to find a UK Manufacturer?

In this episode I want to talk to you about how you can find a UK manufacturer. I believe the best way to find a manufacturer that’s right for you, and your specific product, is at a trade show.  


  • Why a UK manufacturer might not be responding to your emails
  • The reason why I set up Make it British Live!
  • The importance of meeting a manufacturer face-to-face
  • The benefits of being able to see a manufacturer’s product in the flesh
  • Why attending a trade show can dramatically reduce your search time
  • The amazing networking opportunities that a trade show can offer
  • How to prepare for a trade show

Trade shows mentioned:

Make it British Live!

Textile Forum

London Textile Fair

Fashion SVP

Pure Origin


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