There’s more to marketing your brand than just Instagram!

Podcast episode 206 more to marketing your brand than Instagram

Of all the social media platforms that small businesses use to promote their business, Instagram seems to be the one that evokes the biggest love/hate reaction. Especially if you’re a creative person, or run a product-based business.

You might be constantly bombarded by a stream of reels and videos from other small businesses who seem much more comfortable in front of the camera than you. And it feels like everyone is winning on Instagram marketing apart from you.

I’m here in this episode to tell you not to worry  – there is more to marketing your business than just Instagram!


  • [02:49] Why the amount of followers a profile has doesn’t always mean a successful business
  • [06:01] Why you should be thinking about using other forms of marketing than just Instagram
  • [10:07] The clever ways you can encourage potential customers to sign up to your mailing list
  • [12:08] Why it’s important to track your marketing data

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