From the archive: How to follow up with a manufacturer

How to follow up with a manufacturer podcast

How do you follow up with a manufacturer (and have a better chance of a response)?

In this episode I give you some great tips on how to make sure that you get a response back from a manufacturer ever time.

This episode will be particularly useful for anyone who wants to follow up with a manufacturer that they met at an event or trade show.


  • How to stay at the top of a manufacturer’s mind [01:07]
  • What you should include in your email to a manufacturer [02:35]
  • Why it’s worth meeting a manufacturer face-to-face! [05:40]

If you want to find UK manufacturers to help make your products, the best place to start is browsing through our manufacturers directory. It is free to browse, we only ask that you mention you found them through Make it British.

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