From the archive: Why you should visit a factory

Podcast 192, reasons why you should plan a factory visit

I think planning a factory visit is essential for anyone that is developing a new product.

One of the benefits of making in the UK is that factory visiting is far easier than if you are making your products overseas.

In this episode, I run through my 7 reasons why you should be carrying out a factory visit – and hopefully, if you’re not doing so already, I will have convinced you by the end!


  • Why face-to-face communication is best when working with a UK manufacturer [01:21]
  • How you might discover your products aren’t actually being made in the UK [02:16]
  • How you can become more familiar with the production process [04:00]
  • How you can strengthen your partnership with a UK manufacturer [05:17]
  • Why knowing how your products are made means you can sell better to your customers [06:14]

If you want to find UK manufacturers to help make your products, the best place to start is browsing through our manufacturers directory. It is free to browse, we only ask that you mention you found them through Make it British.

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