How to make sales on live video – Lindsey James, Violet Flamingo

Podcast episode 187 Lindsey James Violet Flamingo

Today I’m chatting to Lindsey James, who is the founder of womenswear brand Violet Flamingo.

Lindsey was making and selling bespoke clothing for her clients from her studio before covid hit. Finding herself with no way to reach customers during lockdown, she started to do regular Facebook live calls from her studio, talking to her customers just as she would do if they were visiting her in person.

She soon found that the calls were a great way for her to continue serving her customers during lockdown. 

Lindsey has some great tips for anyone that says they don’t do live video!


  • The inspiration behind the Violet Flamingo brand [02:18]
  • Why Lindsey created a Facebook group for fans of Violet Flamingo [10:44]
  • How Lindsey uses live video to talk to her customers about the making of her clothing [13:22]
  • The reason why Lindsey offers a more personalised service for her customers [15:03]
  • How Lindsey has introduced ready to wear pieces within her bespoke collection [16:37]
  • Why Lindsey is now working with a UK manufacturer [18:35]
  • The inspiration behind the garments Lindsey designs [24:26]
  • The tips Lindsey gives for those who may want to give live video a try [35:53]

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