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173 – Launching an organic skincare brand – Hannah Lovegrove, Lovegrove Essentials

Hannah Lovegrove podcast episode

In an industry that is dominated by big brands, how can you stand out from the crowd and launch something new?

In this episode, I chat to Hannah Lovegrove, co-founder of Lovegrove essentials, about what it takes to launch an organics skincare brand that is made in the UK.

Hannah started her award-winning business in 2015 with her daughter Hayley. She has some great advice for how she has achieved such success by putting the customer first and ensuring the highest standards in everything that the company does.


  • How Hannah, with her daughter Hayley, began Lovegrove Essentials through their combined experience in the beauty and wellbeing industries [02:02]
  • Why Lovegrove prefer to manufacture their products themselves and how they launched with just 5 key products [04:31]
  • How understanding their audience helped Lovegrove to promote and sell their products [07:55]  
  • The high standards that Lovegrove Essentials maintain to ensure accreditation on their products [10:33]
  • The challenges of starting a beauty brand [13:56]
  • How Brexit and Covid caused supply chain issues and meant that Lovegrove had to take a pause on distribution [14:56]
  • The expansion of the Lovegrove Essentials team from the original mother and daughter founders [17:57]
  • What Hannah would have done differently if she was launching the brand again [19:29]
  • The one big tip Hannah has for anyone looking to set up their own beauty and wellness brand [26:12]

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  1. Ben Lovegrove on May 27, 2021 at 7:39 am

    Fantastic company run by two beautiful and talented women.

    I’m slightly biased because I’m brother/uncle

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