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168 – How much does it cost to start a UK-made brand?

Podcast Ep 168

There are a lot of different costs involved in launching a brand. But in this episode, I break it down into four main segments: prototyping; stock; marketing and admin.


I also advise on what the typical amount is that new businesses spend in getting their brand off the ground, and smart ways that you can reduce those costs.


  • The new ‘Made in UK’ Award introduced by The Great British Entrepreneur Awards for 2021 in partnership with Make it British [01:14]
  • The costs you need to account for before you put your products into production  [02:49]
  • An idea on costs you might be charged for sampling  [04:27]
  • Why you shouldn’t invest all of your money in stock [06:37]
  • The one thing that every new brand forgets to save enough money for [09:05]
  • The boring but important stuff you may not have thought about [13:44]
  • How to stop your costs from spiralling out of control [13:59]

 Launching a brand?

If you are launching a brand and totally new to manufacturing I recommend taking my How to Launch a UK-made Brand course. It will guide you through the 6 steps you need to take before you are ready to reach out to a manufacturer. And guarantee you much more success!

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