Building a business with your customer in mind – Rowena Howie, Revival Retro

Rowena Howie’s Revival Retro store in central London is a destination shop for fans of her flattering dresses and stylish accessories.

In this episode we chat about how Rowena has pivoted her business to online whilst the shop has been closed; how the government could help independent retailers; and how she puts the customer at the heart of everything she does.

She’s also got some great advice for any small business that is thinking of working with influencers.

Revival Retro website


  • About Rowena’s background and why she set up Revival Retro [02:09]
  • How Revival Retro started as a pop-up shop [06:38]
  • Why she also decided to launch her own UK-made brand to stock in the shop [09:27]
  • How Revival Retro has developed the business around customer demand [10:41]
  • How she has overcome the challenges of Covid on her retail business [13:36]
  • What can Government do to help support small independent retailers? [15:15]
  • Adapting a brick and mortar store to online [21:07]
  • How she has used social media to engage with her customers [23:49]
  • How she has translated the personal touch that Revival Retro has in store to the online offer [27:30]
  • Working with influencers to grow the business [31:24]
  • Advice for other brands wanting to offer an in-person sales experience [33:53]

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