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163 – How to use data and digital tools to transform your business – Jodi Muter-Hamilton

Podcast Ep.163

Data and digital are drastically changing how we all shop and the way that products are made.


In this conversation recorded at Make it British Live! Online, a panel of digital experts from within the fashion industry discuss the importance of data for businesses both large and small, and how it can initiate much more personalised conversations with customers.


The panel is chaired by Jodi Muter-Hamilton, who is joined by Cathy McCabe from Proximity Insight, Craig Crawford from Crawford IT, Peter Needle from Segura and Chloe Watts from chlo├ędigital.


  • Introduction to the panellists [03:03]
  • What data businesses should be capturing and how it can be used [10:49]
  • How data can be used to show information on sustainability within supply chains [12:21]
  • What to do with customer data when you have it? [16:33]
  • How data can help you make the communication with your customers more personal [18:44]
  • How you use data to find customers [21:06]
  • Understanding the numbers when it comes to working with influencers [25:44]
  • How small brands can produce digital content to attract customers and build a community [30:36]
  • Using data to map supply chains [34:31]
  • How brands and retailers can use customer insight to lessen returns [38:29]
  • Why email is not dead! [44:22]

Watch the video recording of the episode here:


More about the speakers

Jodi Muter-Hamilton, Founder of Black Neon Digital (Now called Other Day)
Cathy McCabe, CEO of Proximity Insight
Craig Crawford, VP & Founder of Crawford IT
Peter Needle, CEO of Segura
Chloe Watts, Founder of chlo├ędigital

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