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138 – You don’t have to be a b*tch to succeed in fashion with Elizabeth Stiles

Elizabeth Stiles is a straight-talking fashion buyer turned small business consultant.

She helps fashion brands with their marketing, manufacturing and mindset, and has worked with clients such as Lucy & Yak and Olivia Rose.


  • How to find your USP
  • Why Elizabeth won’t buy from Amazon
  • How not to commit your life savings to stock when you launch a business
  • Why you should focus your product development on your ideal customer not on yourself
  • How to stand out as a small business

Mentioned in this episode:

Film: Greed: Steve Coogan – about a billionaire fashion tycoon who runs a chain of high street stores that use cheap labour in low-cost countries

Book: That will never work: The birth of Netflix by the first CEO and co-founder Mark Randolph

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