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119 – Are you seeking more UK-made products?

Buying habits are changing and there is definitely a renewed interest in buying made in the UK products.

At Make it British we’ve seen a 200% increase in enquiries from people looking for things that are made in Britain.

In this episode I look at the reasons why demand has increased, how made in the UK brands can capitalise on that, and what we’re doing at Make it British to help make it easier for you to find products that are made in the UK.

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  1. O on May 22, 2020 at 7:25 pm

    Hi, Kate.
    I enjoyed the podcast 119.
    I feel that we will all need to support British manufacturers at this time. Mainly to support jobs for young people who I’m afraid will be taking the brunt of the economic hit from the current lock-down situation. Also, to reduce air miles that goods travel to get to us.
    I have just ordered something on line from one of the manufactures in your directory for my husband’s birthday present!

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