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Supplying the UK Knitwear Industry – David Williams, Knit Design Centre

David Williams Stoll GB Knit Design Centre

David Williams has been supplying the UK knitwear industry his entire career.

He is the UK agent for Stoll knitting machines and the founder of the Knit Design Centre – a studio in Leicester where designers can develop their ideas and samples with experienced knitwear technicians.

During the Covid 19 pandemic he has worked with a local knitwear manufacturer to produce face coverings for businesses using a special programme on his machines.

In this episode:

  • How many knitwear manufacturers now operate in the UK
  • How David has seen the industry change over the last few years
  • The renewed interest in locally spun yarns
  • The technology that he uses to develop knitted masks
  • How knitwear manufacturers can diversify their businesses

More about Stoll GB

The Knit Design Centre

Mars Knitwear – to buy the knitted masks

Knitted face coverings
One of the face coverings knitted on the Stoll machines
About Stoll GB

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