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10 Things that make British-made businesses great

10 things that make British-made businesses greatIn this episode I look back over the first 100 episodes of this show to find out what makes British-made businesses great.

There are many common themes running running through the last 100 episodes and that I’ve heard again and again from those I’ve interviewed.

Here are the 10 things that make British-made businesses great:

  1. UK manufacturers are partners to the businesses they make for
    Katya Wildman (Ep 10), Sian Reekie (23), Tom Glover (72)
  2. Transparency is integral to their supply chain
    Jenny Holloway (21), Adam Robertson (51), Sophie Slater (94) 
  3. Sustainability is at the forefront of everything they do
    Ian Maclean (12), Mick Cheema (31)

  4. They are finding different ways to reach the customer
    James Eden (2)
  5. Many of them are family businesses
    Edward Sexton (12), Martin Lowe (47), Peter Phillips (54), Lance Mitchell (55), Chris Woodford (88)
  6. Authenticity is important to them
    Simon Middleton (074)
  7. Craftsmanship is worth preserving
    Keith Hanshaw (6), Genevieve Sweeney (39), Kate Dawson (64), Jenny Holloway (21), Barbara Burton (70)
  8. Quality is at their core
    Andy Ogden (33), Tony Kelly (77), Joel Chudleigh (82), Richard Ince (96), Elaine Stewart (92)
  9. It’s not about the money
    Hebtroco (68), Heraldic Pottery (84)
  10. They wouldn’t manufacture anywhere else!
    Katherine Hooker (35), Tori Murphy (61)

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