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072 Live! – Tom Glover, Peregrine – 100% Made in England

Tom Glover Peregrine ClothingTom Glover is from a family manufacturing business originally founded in Wigston in Leicester in 1796.

He graduated with a degree in product design, and used his design skills to create the Peregrine clothing brand. He knew that the way forward for the family knitwear manufacturing business was to not have to rely on orders from other brands, but instead create their own.

Within 10 years of creating Peregrine the brand was stocked in over 100 well-known retailers around the world.
  • How Tom has grown the Peregrine brand using the knowledge that his family had gained from centuries of manufacturing
  • How he makes the 100% made in England brand affordable
  • Why he recently invested in a knitwear factory in Manchester.
  • What he sees the future holding for UK garment manufacturing.

Peregrine’s presentation slides


This podcast is part of a series of talks which took place at Make it British Live! 2019.

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